Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a Trike?

A Trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicle, with two wheels in the back making it safe and comfortable to drive.

What kind of driver’s license should I have?

Any regular valid driver's license from your country.

Are the Trikes automatic?

Our Trikes are Automatic

Can we take the Trikes by ourselves and make our own tour?

No, it’s a guided tour and you drive your own Trike.

Is it required to wear helmets?

Yes, we provide helmets.

Do we pay cash or with credit card?

Both cash and credit cards are accepted. (Mastercard, Visa, American Express)

Can we bring our children on the tour?

There are seatbelts in the back seat for passengers so we recommend children with 6 years old and up.

Are we taking the Trikes off-road?

No, these Trikes are not suitable for off-road usage.

Can we swim at any of the beaches during the tour?

Yes, it is possible, swimming or snorkeling, but you need to requested it in advance.

To cover as many attractions during our tour we can only stop at the beaches for pictures, so we just pass on our way to other attractions.

What if it’s rains?

If it’s raining a lot and constantly, we have to cancel the tour.